Spiro Scope

Added intelligence for more accurate control

Spiro Scope applies real-time data monitoring and analysis to provide a continuous estimate of measurements, such as laboratory samples or slow analyzers.

Spiro Scope - Analyse, Visualize, Monitor

Spiro Scope : Analyse, Visualize, Monitor

Spiro Scope is ideal for instances where it is difficult or even impossible to obtain continuous measurements of variables that are crucial to a process. It replaces the need for investment in costly instrumentation by replicating the role of an online sensor and providing a continuous estimate of measurements like laboratory samples or slow analyzers.

A continuous measurement reading can be presented on a screen in the production area, enabling rapid adjustments of your process. In the event that an online sensor fails, Spiro Scope can provide an accurate estimate of the missing measurement. This allows you to continue operating while the failed device is repaired.


Key features

  • Includes a real-time database and browser based visualization
  • Self-learning functionality; Spiro Scope adapts as the process changes
  • Cloud connectivity
  • High-speed data ingestion via OPC-UA, Fieldbus, Modbus and other protocols
  • Industry standard IEC 61131-3 compliant


Example applications

  • Boiling point temperatures
  • Flash point
  • Dew points
  • Vapor pressure
  • Moisture content
  • Product concentration
  • Product composition


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