Spiro Control further strengthen core team

Spiro Control is pleased to welcome Dr Bin Zhang and Harrison O’Neil to the team in the positions of Senior Research Engineer and PhD Student respectively. Together with the recent announcement of Brian Neve’s appointment as a non-executive director, this further strengthening of the Spiro Control team puts the company in a great position for major expansion and future success.

Dr Bin Zhang – Senior Research Engineer
Bin Zhang has ten years post-doctoral research experience since gaining his PhD in Automatic Control & Systems Engineering from the University of Sheffield. He is particularly strong in machine learning, signal processing, control, and C/C++ development. As well as being a named author in nine articles about process control, Bin Zhang was the recipient of the Tindall Scholarship and awarded a Fee Scholarship by the University of Sheffield. Prior to Spiro Control, Bin Zhang was a Control Systems Engineer in the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre at the University of Sheffield.

Harrison O’Neil – PhD Studentship
Harrison O’Neil holds an MSc in Mathematics having gained a first-class degree in the same subject. In recognition of work completed during his undergraduate degree, Harrison was awarded the Institute of Mathematics Valedictory Prize. Harrison is now working with Spiro Control to develop machine learning applications in the context of industrial process control. The focus of the research is to apply machine learning techniques to improve the monitoring, diagnostics, and tuning of control loops. This involves developing machine learning algorithms using data regression and classification techniques. The methods developed will be applied to both single and multivariable control systems to optimise their controllability and energy performance.

About Spiro Control
Spiro Control match industrial control expertise with a portfolio of data analytics and real-time control applications for the process industry. Uniquely, these applications are embedded into an edge device that ingests real-time plant data. Spiro Control has helped some of the world’s leading refining and petrochemical producers to improve the efficiency of their operations.