Brian Neve

Spiro Control announces the appointment of Brian Neve to its board as a non-executive director

Mr. Neve has spent a long and illustrious career in leading-edge automation and process control. His focus has been pioneering the use of advanced digital control techniques in the Oil and Gas sector. While it is impossible to give credit to all that Brian has achieved in just a few short paragraphs, below are some highlights:

•  After spending ten years as a leading control expert with Exxon, and before that, ten years with Invensys, Mr. Neve has founded and managed three successful companies.

•  As head of process control at Exxon Chemical Europe, Mr. Neve oversaw the implementation of advanced process control at all of Exxon’s petrochemical plants throughout Europe.

•  Founded and managed PACS. PACS developed the first all-digital, battery powered, radio communication system for industrial measurement and control. In 2008 PACS was acquired by Wood and Douglas Ltd.

•  Founded KBC Process Automation. The success of KBC Process Automation brought on the full merger with KBC Advanced Technologies PLC (KBCAT) and the purchase of the Process Automation division by Honeywell.

•  Founded and grew the ISS Group Europe, a company that provides software for visualizing process data. ISS Group, including the European entity, was acquired by P2 solutions in 2013.

Commenting on the appointment, Patrick Thorpe, Managing Director of Spiro Control, said: “Among the many reasons for which I am delighted to welcome Mr.Neve to the team is that Brian is a true visionary technology leader and a great entrepreneur. In the age of the Industrial Internet of Things and the technology landscape which we operate in constantly shifting, this can play a critical role in Spiro Control’s success. Furthermore, we hugely respect Mr. Neve’s vast expertise in the application of advanced digital control technologies at oil & gas and petrochemical plants; being able to draw on this experience can only be of benefit to Spiro Control.”

About Spiro Control
Spiro Control match industrial control expertise with a portfolio of data analytics and real-time control applications for the process industry. Uniquely, these applications are embedded into an edge device that ingests real-time plant data. Spiro Control has helped some of the world’s leading refining and petrochemical producers to improve the efficiency of their operations.