Process control & optimisation services

We provide a range of services from fully installed solutions, to process control trouble-shooting, control systems design and implementation. To help you deliver successful projects and rigorous risk management, we use a mix of creative thinking, expert judgement and experience.



Our experience has shown that many companies can make significant improvements to their process efficiency through simple control scheme design changes or better tuning of their regulatory control systems. We can support you in the design of new control solutions or in the evaluation and tuning of your existing systems. We can also train your process control team in the use of loop tuning software.


Process Control

Advanced Process Control technology is used to optimise your process operation and a well-designed application can deliver significant returns on investment. We have extensive experience in the design and application of Advanced Process Control, particularly Model Predictive Control systems. We can also provide support and maintenance services for your existing installations and advice on technology and vendor selection or complete turn-key projects.


Automation Audits
and Benchmarking

Using an industry-recognised global database and standard performance metrics, we can evaluate your automation systems and procedures against best practice, showing how you compare against other operators. Benchmarking your automation systems provides quantitative measures of where your performance ranks against your peers. This information can be used to track progress on continuous improvement initiatives or to target future investment.

Case studies



Two turn-key Advanced Process Control projects delivered for multiple gas processing trains. Benefit guarantees were exceeded.



Refinery feasibility and benefit study completed in France and an Advanced Process Control integration project overseen in the US.


Dolphin Energy

Audit and benchmarking of Dolphin Energy’s automation systems using a multi-disciplinary team.



Turn-key Advanced Process Control project on four refinery units with guaranteed benefits.

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