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Spiro Control is an agile technology firm with vast expertise in process optimisation and process control. The company has built a strong reputation for building technology that is easy for customers to use and maintain, yet delivers a robust solution capable of tackling the most complex applications. Our continuous investment in R&D helps us to stay innovative and to stand out from our competitors.

Our people

Our team is made up of expert process control engineers, skilled developers, visionary business development people and everything in between.

Patrick Thorpe

Dr. Patrick Thorpe

Managing Director

Patrick has a career that spans more than 25 years working in industrial process control. He has specialist knowledge in the application of advanced process control to ethylene production and gas processing. He has also worked in a diverse range of industries including food, mining, energy, chemicals and polymers.

Patrick trained as an application engineer with Exxon Chemical before moving to Predictive Control where he was involved in product development and application. Foxboro subsequently acquired Predictive Control’s technology and he led the integration with Foxboro’s distributed control system. He has also worked as an advisor with Aspen Technology.

Prior to founding Spiro Control, Patrick co-founded Aptitude, a technology leader in advanced process control. In the role of operations director, he built a team of engineers located in the UK and India, leading the development of a commercial system identification software. Patrick holds a PhD in Chemical Engineer from Loughborough University.

Shabroz Gill

Shabroz Gill

Lead Developer

Shabroz holds a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, one of the most elite and prestigious universities in India. He has been working in the field of process modelling and control since 2006.

Shabroz has developed algorithms and software to support numerous aspects of control engineering. Most significantly he has led projects on automatic tuning of PID controllers, model identification of industrial processes and model predictive control algorithms. He is a named author on three publications about automation and control.

Shabroz has extensive programming experience in C++, C#, Python, IEC 61131-3 programming languages and Matlab. He also has detailed knowledge of communication protocols including OPC and MODBUS. He has built two commercial software products from conception to commercialisation, including research, architecture, object oriented implementation, unit testing, profiling and support of the software.

Brian Neve

Brian Neve

Non-Executive Director

Mr. Neve has spent a long and illustrious career in leading-edge automation and process control. His focus has been pioneering the use of advanced digital control techniques in the Oil and Gas sector.

As head of process control at Exxon Chemical Europe, Mr. Neve oversaw the implementation of advanced process control at all Exxon petrochemical plants throughout Europe.

After spending ten years as a leading control expert with Exxon, and before that, ten years with Invensys, Mr. Neve has founded and managed three successful companies.

  • Founded and managed PACS. PACS developed the first all-digital, battery powered, radio communication system for industrial measurement and control. In 2008 PACS was acquired by Wood and Douglas Ltd.
  • Founded KBC Process Automation. The success of KBC Process Automation brought on the full merger with KBC Advanced Technologies PLC.
  • Founded and grew the ISS Group Europe, a company that provides software for visualizing process data
Joris Geysens

Joris Geysens

Software Technical Lead

Joris brings almost 18 years of experience working as a software expert in the industrial automation industry including industrial process control, MES, robotics and real-time inspection systems.

Starting as a software developer, Joris gained his experience and a broad technical knowledge using various techniques.   He was involved in the design and creation of several projects and teams for industrial software implementations having a complex multi-component software and hardware drivers stack.

Joris has experience on multiple operating systems including Linux, and extensive programming experience in C#, C++ and Python, various virtualization tools and software project management techniques.

Andrew Mc Guire

Dr Andrew D. McGuire

Product Developer

Andrew joins Spiro Control having completed his PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. As Product Developer, Andrew plays a critical role in delivering Spiro Control’s ambitious R&D program. Making full use of his extensive programming experience in Python, Matlab, and his sound knowledge of C++ and JavaScript.

Andrew’s PhD focused on the development of stochastic process models for the pharmaceutical industry. The intent being to use these high-dimensional, multiscale models to predict the reaction of plant equipment to changes in operating conditions and optimize process variables to achieve desired product specifications.

Prior to completing his PhD, Andrew graduated at the top of the MEng Chemical and Process Engineering class of 2014 at the University of Strathclyde and has been the recipient of numerous awards for academic performance, including a national chemical engineering prize.

Harrison O’Neill

PhD Studentship

Harrison O’Neil holds an MSc in Mathematics having gained a first-class degree in the same subject. In recognition of work completed during his undergraduate degree, Harrison was awarded the Institute of Mathematics Valedictory Prize.

Harrison is now working with Spiro Control to develop machine learning applications in the context of industrial process control. The focus of the research is to apply machine learning techniques to improve the monitoring, diagnostics, and tuning of control loops. This involves developing machine learning algorithms using data regression and classification techniques. The methods developed will be applied to both single and multivariable control systems to optimise their controllability and energy performance.

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It’s nice when you can feel good about the job you do and feel that you are part of something important. We see big changes occurring in the world of process control in the not too distant future and our ambition is to be a major force in leading this change. So, by joining Spiro Control, you will not only be crucial to shaping the future of our business, but we believe you will also play a significant role in changing the industry as a whole.

We are rapidly expanding and, as we grow, we’re determined to build an environment that attracts the best process control, data scientists and software development professionals by offering an environment that supports and nurtures creativity and innovation.

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