Spiro Control release control loop analytics application

Spiro PID

Improve Control Loop Performance

Spiro PID is the latest analytics tool to be released on the Spiro Control edge device platform. Using Spiro PID, users can understand the cause of poorly performing control loops.

Identifying improperly tuned PID control loops and instrumentation issues is critical to optimizing plant performance. A typical process plant has thousands of PID control loops. Monitoring each PID control loop to ensure best performance is an onerous task requiring process control expertise and process knowledge.
Spiro PID is a powerful application that delivers continuous measurement and visulatisation of PID control loop performance, valve/actuator anomalies, and sensor performance. By understanding the cause of poorly performing control loops, users can make significant improvements to process efficiency.

  1. Solution easily integrates into any industrial control or data network. All major industrial data ingestion protocols are supported including OPC-UA, Modbus, and Fieldbus.
  2. By running PID analytics on an edge device we speed up and simplify the analytic process in a way that’s never been done before. Not only is the time, bandwidth and expense required to transport the data eliminated, but running on an edge device makes it possible to take immediate action in response to insights.
  3. Capability to run analytics at the edge while hosting the visualisation and monitoring functions either on premises or at cloud level.


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About Spiro Control

Spiro Control match industrial control expertise with a portfolio of data analytics and real-time control applications for the process industry. Uniquely, these applications are embedded into an edge device that ingests real-time plant data. Spiro Control has helped some of the world’s leading refining and petrochemical producers to improve the efficiency of their operations.