Process data analytics & real‑time control

Helping manufacturers stabilise and improve plant performance

We match vast industrial control experience and knowledge of mathematics with a portfolio of process data analytics and real-time control applications. Uniquely, these applications are embedded into an edge device that ingests real-time plant data.

Spiro Control announce launch of Spiro Dynamic Optimisation

Utilising a Digital Twin of the process, Spiro’s Dynamic Real Time Optimiser is designed for facility wide optimisation, solved at high frequency with no steady state wait time.

Spiro Digital Twin

Our technology

1. Unit process optimisation

Our edge device captures sensor data and feeds it to embedded data analytics and control tools.

From leading edge state space control to advanced data analytics, the embedded applications make it easy to increase process reliability, reduce equipment damage, improve process stability, tighten quality control, lower energy costs, increase production rates and to achieve consistent operation.

furnace optimisation
ethylene plant optimisation

2. Plant-wide optimisation

Cooperative distributed control. For optimal plant-wide performance, you need a control strategy that accounts for the complex interactions between unit operations. Using Spiro Control’s patent pending technology edge devices can cooperate and share information enabling you to achieve plant-wide optimisation, and all without the use of complex centralised optimisers.

Data analytics using edge devices. Using distributed devices rather than sending all data to a centralised location reduces bandwidth requirements, minimises latency and, importantly, allows for a highly flexible ‘plug-and-play’ design.

3. Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things are fast becoming a reality in plants. Key to the new infrastructure are edge devices, which can securely collect, filter, and relay data close to industrial processes. As well as being capable of running powerful real-time analytics and performing real-time control, our edge device can deliver data to business intelligence and operational excellence software in the cloud.

Among the opportunities this creates is the ability to share data and distribute control across geographically dispersed networks.

Industrial Internet of Things

Benefits of Spiro Control

  • Out-of-the-box solutions

    • Easily integrated into any industrial control or data network.
    • Small factory floor footprint with minimal workforce training required.
    • Support for the major industrial data ingestion protocols (e.g. OPC-UA, Modbus, Fieldbus).

  • Leading technology

    • Highly efficient state space control algorithms achieve millisecond execution frequency and reduce process variability much further than traditional control technology.
    • A time-series, adaptive analytics engine paired with simple reporting structures provides critical insights for improved plant performance.

  • Effortless & intuitive

    • Process models are kept up-to-date by way of machine learning; meaning that applications continuously adapt as plant operation evolves.
    • Guaranteed device availability and service factor.
    • Powerful analytics can be built by simple drag and drop configuration.



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